Monday 20 June 2022

Horus Heresy: Salamanders Kratos

Hello Bunnies! 

You may have seen my review of the Kratos from a couple weeks back. I had assembled the tank ready for my up and coming Salamanders army. It is the first unit to be painted, for the first time I have decided to have the army commission painted as time is not on my side currently and I would like a new army! My friend has recently taken up commission painting and I also wanted to support him. 

Please check out his work at:

Here is the newly painted tank! I am very please with it and think it’s looking great. Will haven’t worked out flames yet and didn’t want to try them on this tank! I have the transfer sheet on the way and may add the flamers from this or potentially go down the freehand route but trails for this will be done on a lesser vehicle! Once the transfers arrive some additional transfers will be added to finish the tank off but for now here it is in all it’s glory!

I have been lucky enough to get it on the table top, though not for the Salamanders yet. It made an appearance for my Night Lords. It churns out a lot of shots! The main cannon hasn’t had a chance to blow up tanks yet but did finish off a contemptor on it’s own. unfortunately it did meet an untimely end to some melta guns that exploded it in 1 shot! I am looking forward to surrounding it with the rest of the Salamanders in time. The next edition to the army will be shown off soon and I have a host of elite infantry with DTB getting done now, as well as another load of Mark 3 marines and Rhino’s that arrived on release day! 

Happy Gaming!


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