Saturday 30 July 2022

Warcry: Rotmire Creed painting guide and review

Hi all. 

We have been sent the brilliant new Warcry box Heart of Ghur for review by Games Workshop.

As there is so much in this box we will be doing a few posts of contents over the coming days! :)

Let start with the Rotmire Creed Warcry Warband. Our Battle Bunny Eyecon74 has at them!

I like Warcry a lot, the gameplay is fast and exciting, often high risk high reward moves are actively encouraged to impress the Chaos Gods !

I was very happy when I was asked to paint the Rotmire Creed warband.

Construction was a bit fiddly, but the models are pretty cool with some awesome poses, so take your time, and you will be ok.

Colour wise I undercoated black, then paints used:

Cloaks/Cowls: Incubi Darkness, then Caliban Green, Caliban Green mix with Elysian green (50/50), (wash detailed in Bamboo method)
Trousers/Skirts: Dark Reaper highlight, wash Nuln Oil
Bamboo: Rhinox Hide, Skrag Brown, Rakarth Flesh.  Wash with a mix of Agrax/Creed Camo (2/1) and use a bit of kitchen towel to wipe the excess. Mixing in the green gives the Bamboo a very light green hue in the recesses, which works quite well.
I also applied this same wash over the cloaks (and wiped it in the same manner) this leaves some dirt in the recesses and ties the previous layers together.
These models also have a number of flasks, little icons and are draped in bits of foliage, many of which you'll find when you start painting them !
Finally I applied a thinned wash of Enamel Steaking Grime with Odourless Thinner (50/50) and cleaned it up once it had dried.
Bases were done with Vallejo Earth Texture, washed with Cygor Brown, drybrushed Baneblade brown and applied a wash of some Sepia and Plaguebearer flesh in random areas.  Then added some static grass and leaf litter and finally used some resin to make a few puddles.

I was on a short deadline so only had a few days to paint them up, but I may still go back to them and apply a few more highlights


Reactions are added to the game which sound fun.  The Rotmire reaction, Bile Blood, means that a fighter can use that reaction when suffering a Critical hit, for each crit suffered you roll a dice and on a 3+ you inflict 3 damage on the fighter hitting you !
This is pretty fun, if a little situational, but I have been hit with plenty of crits in the past so this could yield some interesting results !

Almost all the warband have blowpipes, it costs a double to use, in addition to damage done, any roll of a 6 you lower the targets Toughness by 1 until the end of that round, I feel this is pretty strong, if not a little situational, but that is Warcry !

The leader, awesome name by the way, the Witherlord has a large (bamboo) syringe, for the use of a Triple, you get to roll a number of dice equal to the value of the ability and each dice that exceeds the target's toughness value, inflict 5 damage !!  This gels very nicely with the blowpipe ability, and if you have any lucky rolls you can easily remove some larger threats from the table!

Another double is Gruesome Harvest, when you take down an enemy fighter in melee you gain a Potent Vial, when they use an ability later on in the game the value of that ability is always a 6, regardless of the dice roll

The Quad ability is Ensnaring Strike, gives you a bonus combat round for that model, and any crits inflicted on the target cannot make any move or disengage actions until the end of that round.

All in all Rotmire Creed look like an interesting addition to the game and look forward to putting them in play and throwing in my lot with the Lord of Leech!


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