Sunday 3 July 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 03/07/2022

Hi all. 
Please welcome back our Weekly Progress update! 
Many of you may remember that we used to do a post every Sunday showing what we had been working on in the previous week and was currently work in progress! It’s a good way for us to show what we have been up to without a finished item post! :)

So here we go:

Kiral is wrapping up another Tactical squad for his Thousand Sons, this time in the new Mk6 from the new box. A converted Praetor joins the ranks too.

Andy has been building a Warmaster Titan, that he has had lying around since it came out, for an upcoming game of Titanicus.

Drake Seta has been trying to finish off some Terrain projects and has almost wrapped up the Fronteris terrain set from Moroch. He has also been painting with his Son Nathaniel, who is starting his first joint army project with Khorne daemons. The first 5 have come on really well, and hopefully they will keep it up and share how they were painted soon.

Luke is working on his first Horus Heresy force! He has dived deep in to the God Engines of vulturum and how better to support them but by doing a Xanite themed mecanicum army led by none other than Aracharis Scoria!

Rob has finished 20 Tactical Marines and 10 Cataphractii Terminators for his Alpha Legion, and made a start on their taxi (Spartan).  Unfortunately just ran out of Tamiya Blue so cannot complete it today 😄

Hector's hobby table is a bit of a mess at the moment but he has been working on a Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan for his Adeptus Titanicus collection.

Let us know what you have been working on!

Battle Bunnies


  1. Been working on my Chapter's Hellblasters and a Fire Raptor. Started 30k Guilliman too.

  2. That mkVI breacher conversion is just lovely. Honestly one of the nicest uses of that mini.