Sunday 28 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 28/08/22

Hiya everyone!

Another week, another progress report!

Luke has been working on both the rear/front weapon sponsons on his Warlord, he's chosen volkite to match his warbringer and thought having assault cannons for the rear would look interesting compared to the lascannons

KiralRed has finished his Deimos Predator, Deimos Rhino, Boarding Praetor for his Thousand Sons. For his Zhao-Arkhad Kiarti Forge-fane he painted up 7x Castellax.

In his WIP pile for the coming week, KiralRed has the Predator turret and a Sicaran for his Thousand Sons. Continuing his Zhao-Arkhad Kiarii forge-fane we have some Scyllax and a few additional Castellax.

Hector has been preparing for the AoS Throne of Skulls doubles for the past couple of weeks so hasn't managed to get too much hobby done, however he has managed to finally finish off his Ultramarine rhinos. Next up for Hector is a side-ways step into doing a little bit of Adeptus Titanicus hobby ready for the Goonhammer Adeptus Titanicus narrative event in October so expect tiny titan hobby progress soon!

Drake has been working on some review items this week which he hopes to share soon.

But he did film a battle report with Honey the Destroyer: check it out and subscribe  

What have you all been working on this week?

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