Saturday 8 October 2022

Horus Heresy: Plastic Land Raider Proteus review and unboxing

Hi all

Our KiralRed dives into the new Proteus Land Raider plastic kit today, that we have been sent for review:

Was very easy and quick to assemble too!
Did some alternative Transfers too. 

The front hull sections for each variant can be built in a way to make them slide in but it would need mods to the front inside axles since they would be a hindrance. Or slide in front above but would need the top hull cut slightly since there is a bit where it goes under a lip. I considered doing it but would've made the video longer and people may not want to do the mod work.

Land Raider Proteus Carrier for Thousand Sons, Table ready level.

Drake for KiralRed. 

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