Tuesday 18 October 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy 2.0 Night Lords - Terminator Character

 Hello Bunnies! 

A small break from gaming from myself over the last couple of weeks. I had played a lot in a short space of time and needed to come up for air! The character below was one of the first models I did for the Night Lords. I made him for a small character driven campaign that I had created at my gaming club. However, as is often the way, it didn’t last all that long as others drifted away. He hasn’t made it to the tabletop much since really, as I tend to use Sev all the time! It is a useful model to have lying around though as he can be any number of characters, Preator, Centurion, or Champion. 

This is now the last model that I have fully painted for the Night Lords. All together it is around 2700 points, however it doesn’t really make much of a list! As I am also stuck in list making circles with the Night Lords I haven’t really put paint to brush in a while. 

This, therefore, maybe the last Terror Tuesday for a while! While that is a bit of a shame, I will still be bringing you weekly posts as will soon have 3k+ of painted Salamanders to show! I also will be touching up and finishing of some of my Sons of Horus First Company in preparation for the eventual arrival of Horus Ascended! 

Happy gaming! 


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