Tuesday 4 October 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 04/10/2022

Hi all. Bit of a delay in getting this out so apologies!

Enginephil and KiralRed are both working on some cool review items that you should hopefully see soon. 

Eyecon74 is once again kicking himself for doing Oil washes BEFORE Transfers!!!😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

Lukes back from his holiday working on his warlord so far he's completed one of his legs and hopefully will get the whole legs finished by next week!

Hector has made a bit more progress this week - he's primed his Aeronautica Imperialis bases (Imperial Fists, Divisio Aeronautica, Eldar) and making some good progress with the tiny titans. He's hoping to complete the base layers on titan panels this week

Drake has been working on Constantin Valdor due to a desire to actually finish an army!

Honey the Destroyer has been working on her Blood Bowl Amazons which Games Workshop sent for review. 

You can catch the match here :)

Battle Bunnies


  1. regarding the transfers after oil: there is a way to get a great finish. Start by applying a decal solvent (e.g., microset blue label) as per the instructions, usually about 5-6 applications. rinse with water to remove the solvent, add a gloss sealant (like citadel 'ardcoat). Once dry, paint over with lahmian medium to remove the high gloss. Try it on one of the small decals. After the entire process, seal again with Tamiya semi-gloss clear or similar.

    1. Sweet! I’ll be using that. Cheers.