Saturday 26 November 2022

Dungeon Bowl: Death Match review and game

Hi all

We luckily received the new Dungeon Bowl Gaming Supplement: Death Match from Games Workshop. 

You can see our first game in action below, where you even see the Wandering Werewolf in action, and the other cool new tiles. 

Any of you who have played Dungeon Bowl in the past will likely be very happy with some additional corridors, rooms and doors! Especially with all new tile specific rules (and double sided!). 

This is a legendary pitch arrangement that we had a game on. 

The Wondering Werewolf was great. He blitzes and then returns to his dog house at the end of every player turn. 
I hope we see more of these tiles with either character models which can be activated. Maybe a sprue of other similar activated items too?! Could be really fun and cool. 

This tile enables you to move another 1 square if you start your turn on it. 

The tiles are double sided. This side is the Death side. The other side is the life side! Hope this is a running theme with more College themed tiles coming out in the future. A brilliant way of keeping the game fresh and fun. 

Great supplement for a brilliant Beer and Pizza game. Still can’t imagine playing it as a League. 

Battle Bunnies. 

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