Monday 7 November 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 07 11 2022

Hi all

The Gory Crow has been rushing to get all the armour panels on the the Goriest Crow herself. Got lots of weathering to do and some non-standard titan stuff, like demons birds

Ikthelion is working on sneaky review items and has nothing to show off this week. Expect something… at some point.

No Hobby for KiralRed this week as he's travelling for work. Lots to come very soon.

Nothing from Enginephil ... he’s been finishing off commission Titans :)

Eyecon74 has had a productive weekend!  He finished of his Primus medicae, a Moritat to join the destroyers, and a master of signals.

Honey the Destroyer has been working on review items and Warlord #0002!

What have you been up to?

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