Saturday 3 December 2022

Necromunda: Athera Blade of the Matriarch review

Welcome back to another Necromunda review

This one is of the new Athera model that we have been sent through to review from Games Workshop. 

She is a beautifully detailed model and definitely well equipped. I particularly like the axe toed stilettos. Haven’t had a game with her yet, but we are looking at starting a Gang War in January in the Battle Bunnies, so hopefully I can petition her to join my gang then!

I decided to paint her red to to match Britney Spear's Red catsuit in one of her music videos. Mainly because she needs to accompany my Spice Girls Escher Gang, and I already have a Cher! 

I wanted the little Carayatid to glow, so I painted him in some very luminous blues. Painting the swirls were surprisingly difficult as the cuts are really shallow. 

Now to get my paws on the new Escher Cutters!

Honey the Destroyer. 

Battle Bunnies

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