Sunday 22 January 2023

Warhammer 40,000: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank review and painting guide

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It’s always a special time when a new Astra Militarum vehicle gets released by Forge World, yet it seems far rarer when Games Workshop’s Citadel model range actually release one. Rejoice fans of the generic human soldiery. The Rogal Dorn is here!

Soooo. We received a review copy of this gorgeous tank and immediately Eyecon74 jumped onto it. 

Painting guide:

Colour breakdown
Black basecoat, grey undercoat.

Irorach skin
Mix 50/50 ironrach/celestial
Light airbrush from top, deep kind flesh

Wash thinned Agrax
Wash thinned Plaguebearer Flesh for the green tint
Apply some pure Plaguebearer Flesh at lower areas of tank
Leave to dry

Airbrush, very lightly from the top, deep kind Flesh

Do details, transfers etc, then I sprayed the tank with pledge floor polish, left overnight,  then made an oil wash with burnt umber and black, 80/20 ratio. 

Apply Wash, leave for a few hours, and clean off excess. 

We love oils at Battle Bunnies!!

Strangest think about the kit is the lack of a bottom piece! Hmm. Guess you can’t see it anyway. 

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  1. I reckon you can use the underside as a hangar for all the spare weapon barrels, magnetise a rack inside as a stowage, so you don't lose any of the spares.