Saturday 24 June 2023

Warhammer 40K: Tyranids from the new Leviathan Boxed game review

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Games Workshop sent us through the new Leviathan boxed game for review. The best thing about this is, my Step son Arlo (7) is collecting Hive Fleet Leviathan, so he was keen to add these to his collection.

I am certain every fan of Tyranids out there will be excited for this new Box, as the content (apart from Termagants and Winged Tyranid Prime) are new units for their collection.

The box does give you a huge selection for any new player too to build a decent sized swarm.

These are my favourite unit from the new edition on  the Tyranids side. They are very survivable with their Stealth (-1 to hit) and Toughness of 5.

They rock the Infiltrator special rule too which is quality!

Those from back in the day, may notic some similarities between these and the old Metal Hormagaunts which is just cool.


The Fleshborer is dead. Long live the Fleshborer!

The new rules for Fleshborers in 10th edition are great. So they are all packing a S5, so wound easily against most Space Marine Targets, but lack AP which is not too much of a problem with Large masses or model high squads.

They have a fantastic rule, whereby if you get too close they can displace away, which really adds to how I feel they should play.


This chap I feel is the most vulnerable in the new box, as his special rules makes him un supported unfortunately. It would be a great time for Games Workshop to release some Shrikes in Plastic, as he is in desperate need of a Bodyguard.

For now I feel he will just be lurking. . . .


This guy is a very impressive unit in 10th Edition!

He has a fantastic Psychic Torrent attack, which has wiped numerous marines off the board for me so far (packing a damage of 2).

His Little Neuroloid helpers are excellent models (markers) to which can be attached to other units for a nice little boon. They bestow a unit within 12" as being within Synapse Range rule.


Ever since the 90s where Ragnar Blackmane killed one of these in a narrative in a White Dwarf, I have loved them. So happy to see them back.

The Bio Plasma is not the best ranged attack, but it gives him something to do as he rushes forwards.

You Don't really want to get into Hand to hand with him. I ahve seen my Ballistus destroyed a few times from this beast now!!

. . . .and my Wolfspear Jarl.

Thanks To Games Workshop for sending us a review Copy.

Battle Bunnies.

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