Saturday 24 June 2023

Warhammer 40K: Wolfspear Terminator Runepriest from Leviathan Box


We received the new Leviathan box for review, and we love it!!

The Terminator Librarian was a great model, but I needed to make him more Wolfspear-esque with some pelts and a nice Beard.

I have not had much luck with him so far though. Everytime I do a Focused Witchfire attack I give my Runepriest a 3 Damage Migraine by rolling a 1 for hazardous.

The armour really lends itself to a Runepriest vibe.

I really enjoyed the new Grimdark style I have been employing for this Army. Was quite difficult getting a bloody and glowy effect on the Force Axe.

Thanks to Games Workshop for sending the review copy.

 Battle Bunnies.

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