Friday, 15 March 2013

Forge World Limited edition miniature 2013. Open day 2013.

Hello everyone.

It's almost time for the Forge World Open day. The day where the new limited edition miniature of the year is unveiled. Last year there was the Imperial enforcer and the Warhammer Skin Wolf. I can only speculate on what this might be this year but there are a few things I would like to see. 2 years ago I believe they bought out the Boarding Marine. This was kind of a teaser for the Horus Heresy if you look back now. Book 13 of Imperial Armour is rumoured to be Dark Eldar. So could we expect a Denzien of Commoragh? Who knows. But as the Horus Heresy is doing so well I would think it would be silly of them to not release a special edition Character.

Pre-Heresy Lucius, Kharn or Typhon?
Maybe a Character that is missing from the Isstvan 3 Campaign? Little Horus? Torgaddon?
Maybe a ltd edition Jetbike or similar?

All I know is 5 Bunnies are going and we will be reporting and posting pictures as soon as possible on this Blog while we are there.

So check us out on the 7th of April

And who knows . . . Fulgrim may be out . . .

Drake Seta.


  1. Possibly more World Eater exclusives :D

  2. I dont think there is much else for FW to release World Eater wise for the time being...

    I hope a primarch will be released at open day as well as cataphractii shoulders for my ECs...also some non-phallic bikes would be lush.

  3. The thing that makes me think it may be a previously unreleased model with no rules is this comment for the Horus Heresy Weekender in May:
    "All Weekender tickets include full access to both days of the event and a goody-bag upon entry, including a programme with exclusive gaming content, stories and Horus Heresy Rules". To me that sounds very much like; buy the model and here are the rules rouse it. They did do similar for the Storm Eagle when it was first released last year. So I am kind of convinced it could be a supporting role character like Little Horus Aximund, Iacton Qruze or Torgaddon.

    Otherwise maybe an Astartes Training cage by Blake Spence which you can fight duels in lol. That would look great in a Mortalis board