Friday, 15 March 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Where to start?

So Legion has been chosen. Tick.
Colour scheme and technique chosen. Tick.
Base 750 pts chosen. Tick.

Now for my favourite bit; Purchasing.

So first I need 35 Legionnaires from Forge World. As Death Guard don't make much use of MK4 armour and have MK2 in abundance; I will need to buy a big mix of Armour from the beginning. I don't want entire squads of the same Armour plate, so I will make a mega purchase at the beginning and do my 750 line Legionnaires in one long train. I also need to plan to have 5 Legion Support squad Flamers at some point soon and so will have to mix up armour plates now. So I need 40 Astartes.
I will also need 30 Boltguns. For these I will also aim for the older marks. I will get 2 Packs of Phobos pattern and one Pack of Umbra. I have also spoken to some Bunnies and agreed to swap some of these for their Umbra Ferrox and Tigris pattern Boltguns to mix it up.
I will also need 5 Autocannons. Finally a Devestator Sergeant can have a Heavy Weapon!!
At this stage I have also made a decision not to do Legion specific Pauldrons; as in my opinion (and what goes with the fluff) Mortarion and the Death Guard despise gilding and ornamentation. So instead I have decided to also get the Death Guard Transfers.
I will also be eventually sporting Nuncio-Voxs for my Death Guard too. So I will buy a pack of them too. The Sergeant's crested helms will not be featured in my army either. This is still down to the Death Guards' hatred for pomp and decorations. Instead my Sergeants will be sporting a black stripe (as seen in the Horus Heresy book 1: Betrayal).

15 mk2 Legionnaires
15 mk3 Legionnaires
10 mk2 Legionnaires
20 Phobos Boltguns
10 Umbra Boltguns
5 Autocannons
Death Guard Transfers
Mk2 Command sprue
2 Handed Death Shroud scythe from eBay

I will do the Order with another Bunny and try to get as many of those multi packs of 30 Legionnaires as possible too to keep the cost down.

For now I am not thinking about the Siege Breaker. But I do have some ideas.

I can't wait to get them started now. I will post a step by step guide as I paint them.

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