Friday, 8 March 2013

Pre-Heresy Emperors Children

How can perfection fall so far from grace? Into depravity and unhinged self-gratification?

I am the Battle Bunny who will collecting the glorious Emperors Children legion of the Adeptus Astartes. I have wanted to do a EC project since being introduced to Fulgrim in the magnificent Black Library novel of the same name.  As a character, it is very hard not to be drawn into his story and feel sorrow for the tragedy that unfolds. When the Horus Heresy: Betrayal book was released I knew that he would be mine...

I have been an avid modeller and gamer, for nigh on 20 years, yet this Horus Heresy project is my first prolonged exposure to Forge World miniatures. I have worked on some 40k Death Guard before, but never anything to this extent. As mentioned on Drake Seta's post, the style and standard of Forge World miniatures means that you really need to bring your A game when painting them to ensure you do them justice. I will be following the painting guide as described on the FW website. Top tip: ensure you wash your resin thoroughly ;)

1. Basecoat with Xereus Purple;
2. Wash with Druchii Violet;
3. Layer with thinned 50/50 mix of
Xereus Purple and Genestealer
4. Final layer with 25/75 mix of
Xereus Purple and Genestealer
1. Basecoat with Balthasar Gold;
2. Wash with Agrax Earthshade;
3. Highlight with Gehenna’s Gold;
4. Glaze with extremely thinned
Druchii Violet.
1. Basecoat with Ceramite White;
2. Glaze with thinned Guilliman
3. Highlight with White Scar.

So lets look at how I have planned the first part of my project...

I decided to start by looking at the size of the army I would be aiming towards. Eventually I would like a 3000pt, infantry heavy list, including The Phoenician. Of course, I couldn't just rush in at such a high point value, I would need to start a little bit lower and slowly add to the force. So I set to work designing a 750pt list from the ace Legion List.

To me the Emperors Children seem very methodical in their approach to war and therefore I decided on some bolter heavy tactical legionnaire squads to make up the majority of my force. I also love the pre-heresy assault marine miniatures and could definitely see the 'perfect swordsman' style of the legion come out in just such a squad. In the Betrayal book it states the the ECs didn't use a great deal of MK3 armour so my miniatures will represent this also.

My starting army is an infantry heavy, fluffy list. These are not and will not be part of  tournaments unless the Battle Bunnies host our own in the future (no spam or cheese lists).

Take a look at my starting list (the Paragon Blade rules are brutal!):

Legion Praetor
Iron Halo
Paragon Blade - yeah boi!
Plasma Pistol - everything is better with plasma (right Dark Angels???!)

Tactical Legionnaires
1 sergeant - artificier armour coz he is badass
19 legionnaires - nuncio vox and legion vexilla (for fearless)

Assault Legionnaires
1 sergeant - plasma pistol - artificier armour
9 assault legionnaires - 2x plasma pistols...see a theme? Lol

Thats 30 of the baddest dudes in the universe all ready to fight and die for either The Emperor or Horus. I wonder if they know the guy next to them may be a traitor...either way the sky will be stained red with the blood of my foes...

For Horus the true master of mankind!

Keep looking and I will update you on my progress

Khall Sithis


  1. Scimitar Jetbikes are beloved by the Emperor's Children Primarch Fulgrim "Like Knights riding to war"
    You going for them? I want to but does not go with the Death Guard feel.

  2. Games Workshop has never really broached the subject of sexuality in Space Marines.

    However, marines riding giant penises could be considered a metaphor...

    In short, probably