Friday, 8 March 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard colour scheme


I am the Battle Bunny who will be collecting the Death Guard for our Pre-Heresy Campaign. Out of the four Legions it was a difficult choice between World Eaters and the Death Guard for me. Luckily my decision was made for me as one our fellow Bunnies chose the Legion of Angron.

We all realise that a Horus Heresy army would need to be done in style and to a high standard, especially due to the cost of the miniatures from Forge World (which are exceptional). I myself have been painting since the second edition of Warhammer 40k, and so have some experience. Luckily Forge World released a painting guide for the first four Legions at Isstvan 3, and so the standard was already set for me.

1. Undercoat with Skull White spray;
2. Wash with 50/50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium;
3. Highlight with White Scar mixed with Lahmian Medium.
1. Basecoat with Castellan Green;
2. Highlight with 50/50 mix of
Castellan Green and Elysian Green;
3. Highlight with Elysian Green.
1. Basecoat with Warlock Bronze;
2. Highlight with Runelord Brass.

Next was the size of force that we would be aiming for. To legally field the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion I would need to have a 2000 pt force. He is thankfully not out yet and so will be doing the meat of my Legion first.

Firstly: Death Guard strike me as a Legion who get on with it; "We don't have a Rhino?" Shrug "let's walk" and I cannot imagine them being very agile or quick with the blade either. Fluff wise (Battle Bunnies love fluff) the standard line Legionnaire does not have a Chainsword, but instead relies on combat blade and Bolter, so my Tactical squads will only be equipped with Boltguns. I have also decided to completely forgo the use of Assault Legionnaires in my force as well as Jetbikes, skimmers and generally anything fast. A distinct lack of new Plates of armour would also add to this look. I also cannot see them having much in the way of Lascannons and high tech level weaponry, but instead relying on more crude equipment like Autocannons and Missile Launchers.

So below is my starting list that I will be adding to over the next few months.

My 750 pt list:
Death Guard (Space Marine Legion)

HQ - 125
Legion Centurion - Siege Breaker (125)
Volkite Serpenta; chainsword; Combi-Plasma gun; Melta-bombs; Artificier Armour, Frag and krak grenades.

Troops - 435
19 Legionaire (275)
Legionaire Sergeant (Power Scythe, Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades).

9 Legionaire (160)
Legionaire Sergeant (Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades).

Heavy Support - 185
4 Heavy Support Legionaire (185)
Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner; Melta-bombs (Sgt)); 4× Autocannon.

Keep looking and I will update you on my progress

Drake Seta

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