Saturday, 30 March 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 board (Istvaan 3) Day 1

Ok, so Day 1....

Today started with a 9:30am trip to the local Halfords. Here we picked up some adhesion primer and some Matt Black spray. Adhesion primer will ensure that the undercoat will not peel off of the boards and spoil all our hard work.

Of course, as with all Forge World products, we started by giving all 6 boards a solid and rigorous Drakes bath. We used a lot of Fairy washing up liquid (my hands are so soft right now) and a firm brush. A firm brush is used for 2 reasons. First, to ensure that you can get into hard to reach places and second, it actually creates very shallow scratches on the surface (great for helping primer stick!)

Once we were happy that any mould release agents had been thoroughly banished we stood the boards on towels to let them dry. I went and bought a was truly disgraceful...

At this point I should mention that Carth turned up with the promise 'I am not leaving until 10 men are finished!' - to find out if he was successful, check on his post! His World Eaters look fantastic...I can't believe they are the first models he has painted!

Me and Drake then continued with the gruelling task of making loads of buildings. Now I have to admit - I am pretty shit when it comes to random! So when trying to make buildings that didn't all look identical...I sucked!! Praise the Omnisiah then for Drake. We soon fell into a successful rhythm of me clipping and trimming and him glueing.

We are using 3 of the GW Imperial Sector packs to create our buildings. We started with Mechanicum (hence the Omnisiah quip above) buildings for the Generator Sector as seen below.

This building is cool...we couldn't decide why there would be a hatch in the floor though lol

We have then moved on to the Concourse Sector. I have gone for a Church-like theme for this building...its long and we have started to model a beautiful veranda. Can really imagine a priest standing here and addressing his subjects.

This black building is a salvage job from an old project of Drakes. It will integrate effortlessly as a huge building on one of our Shattered Plaza's.

Not bad for a first day really. Would have had more done but Drake has a social life so we had to take a 3 hour break. How very selfish ;) I would have carried on all through the night if I didn't have work on the morrow. Can't wait until Monday to do some more. Will update you again on Monday night! Please feel free to comment below.


Khall Sithis

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