Sunday, 7 April 2013

Arriving at the Forge World Open Day

So arriving with a wave of around 600 people we arrive to a long line for buying their armies, boards for playing Titan based battles and various sceneries for playing on. In the next room are all of the artists and designers, with finely painted models, vehicles and equipment of:
World Eaters
Death Guard
Sons of Horus
Emperor's Children

Also there are works in progress such as the new Heresy Land Speeder. Featured close by is a board of the new Necron boards featuring a battle of a Necron army versus a band of Space Marines by the recently new crashed Thunderhawk gunship board.

Another nice feature is seeing the illustrators and designers preparing and working on the new designs for the next Heresy book containing designs for the Night Lords, Iron Hands, Salamanders and Word Bearers.

Currently we are all amazed by the turnout and the displays offered. Here are a few teasers of what has been on display so far, full gallery of pictures will be posted later for you all to enjoy!!

Darko Thane

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