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Forge World Open Day 2013 Highlights

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Quick review of the day

New Jetbikes
After a talking with Darren Parrwood there are 2 areas I think worth discussing:
The scimitar bike was released before more well known jetbikes. This was because the design team wanted more variety in the Horus Heresy project and didn't want people to only buy bikes that they knew already - such as the one Sammael rides.
Although he has not been asked to do so, Darren has started work on the next style o f jetbike in his lunch hours.

Land Speeder
This model is truly sensational. Darren says he has one more week on it before it will go into production. In his experience, this means it should be released within 3 months.

Fulgrim is nearly done!! Simon Egans is just finishing the cloak - he is not happy with he the cloak looks so far. He said that it may be released by the Horus Heresy weekender in May! Next Primarch he has been tasked to work on is Ferrus Manus. Simon says he is looking forward to working on Leman Russ, but said its his worst nightmare lol. He is currently working on a pre-heresy Space Wolf army.
Bit of a conflicting bit of information here (unless another designer is working on the Primarches too) Alan Bligh wants all entries from one book finished before they move on to the next...could Horus and Mortarion be round the corner??

Book 2: Massacre
Alan Bligh says this will hopefully be released at Games Day UK. It is being written at the same time as Book 3. The 4 legions in this book are:
Night Lords
Word Bearers
Iron Hands

Book 3: Extermination
Alan Bligh says this will be released around Christmas or early next year. The 4 legions are:
Alpha Legion
Raven Guard
Iron Warriors
And dun dun duuuun....Imperial Fists. . . .

I was shocked by the inclusion of Dorns finest, however Alan said that the Battle at Phall will play a big part in it. Zone Mortalis anyone??

No really much to say about this except the new tiles are stunning (even he fantasy one). Blake Spence said that he couldn't tell us much. His project will be Heresy based and will involve destroyed vehicles/machinery. My belief is this will be a killing-fields, drop pod tile for the Massacre release...awesome.

2 Missing Legions
When quizzed about the missing 2 legions being expanded on he said 'No, then they wouldn't be missing legions would they' this made me feel real stoopid.

A secret about the Iron Hands
Alan Bligh hinted at a 'secret nobody knows about the Iron Hands,' being divulged in Massacre - could Ferrus have survived the beheading?

No, he couldn't lol

Air combat
Alan Bligh hinted at more flyers. He said that the best thing to combat a another flyer lol. He said that he would like this to be expanded on in the future.

Warlord titan
The awesome William Hayes stated that 'a Warlord Titan would only be slightly bigger than a Reaver, however it would be much more bulky!' After questioning Forge World on facebook last week, Drake was told will was not working on Titans at the current time. Could this have been a decoy?

Palatine blades
Stunning - 100% stunning!! The armour is ornamental and the charnabal sabres (sculpted by William Hayes) are prefect. Shut up and take my savings!!!!

Sons of Horus Command sprue
This was neat. Leads me to believe we will see specific command upgrades for each legion.

Everything will get rules and a model...eventually.
Alan Bligh stated that everything will get rules and a model eventually. Big news! Lots of people doubt that the Emperor will be getting a model. Could he be the exception though? I look forward to the Sigilite. Who do you most look forward to?

New Tau
Darren Parrwood's next project is some new 'small Tau stuff,' lets pray for some new Kroot, Vespid or even demiurge?

There is still loads to discuss and we will post more information when it is remembered. It was a brilliant day. We have a lot to look forward to.

Khall Sithis

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