Saturday, 6 April 2013

Battle Bunnies: Who are we?

I have just realised that we have not as of yet introduced ourselves. So this page will hopefully fix this oversight.

Battle Bunnies is a fledging Warhammer 40k Gaming club out of Milton Keynes, England. We were founded around October 2011 if I seem to remember correctly. Currently there are 8 members (who will start to post shortly), and we meet 2 or 3 times a week at my home (currently), for Battles and fluff discussions. We are all between the ages of 21 and 29 and really don't take ourselves seriously.

So Why Battle Bunnies I hear you ask; We originally wanted to be known as Bunnies with Bolters with an eventual aim of world domination. But as Bolters and Boltguns is Copyrighted by Games Workshop we settled for Battle Bunnies. The Bunnies aspect came in through a mock argument my brother and I had (which stemmed from a Cartoon called Fosters home for imaginary friends ), originally I wanted Flaming Bunnies. Khall agreed to Bunnies after surmising that as they were "fluffy" and we love the fluff of the 40k universe, the naming seemed apt.

We are not Tournament gamers. In our opinion there is nothing worse than a list which completely contradicts / makes a sheer mockery of the canon of the 41st millennium or the Horus Heresy. Players using lists such as the Cron Air list or similar are bad for the Hobby in our opinion and are only in it for the win. That is why I think the Horus Heresy Books really appeal to us. Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet is a blessing.

We love narrative and conquest based games and Campaigns (see our Karrus sector Campaign which we are aiming to start soon), where battles seem to be part of a bigger picture.

We also love Titans. . . . Some more than others . . . .

We do have a  few rules.
1 - Cant play it if you don't paint it. We all make a conscious effort to get Minis painted to a decent standard before they are allowed to grace our battlefields.
2 - Battlefields need to be prepared aptly for the coming conflict. If  it does not make sense it cant be used or needs to be rearranged.
3 - No Tournament or lists not fitting with the beautiful canon of the Warhammer universe.

At the moment we are looking at setting up an actual Gaming Club venue in Milton Keynes for Warhammer 40k and The Horus Heresy, where like minded gamers will be welcome to game and be part of the community we want to be able to build. But first we need names. We need to know who will be interested in gaming once a week in Milton Keynes at a decent venue.

If you are interested you can comment below.

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