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Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 board (Istvaan 3) Day 3

Day 3 Khall and I decided to continue our joint effort with the boards. This is the order we did everything and is actually developing into a step by step painting guide. Having seen the board close up at the Openday we agreed to do it in a majority of the same colours as Forge World.
We received a painting guide from them after sending a really polite email. Below is what Blake Spence actually did / used for the board below. They are actually Blake's Emperor's Children too, and actually helped convince Khall to go for Scimitar Jetbikes.

Having already have coated the boards with Adhesion primer we used 1 and a half Chaos Black spray cans to cover the 4x6 board, which were then left to dry.

Roads stage 1:
The road areas were painted first. We basecoated with Karak Stone by soaking a sponge with the paint and the doing the whole road network. Luckily I actually purchased a sponge roller a little while ago when it was hard to find sponges of a certain density. This base coated the roads exceptionally well and saved us so much time. We used 1 and a 1/2 Karak stone paint pots, with a little AX-20 Paint thinner by Tamiya. You can easily get AX-20 on eBay and really recommend it. The roller was from a kids craft set at Hobby craft with a few bits of plastic cut off.

The roads were then sponged sporadically with a mix of Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone to highlight. A ratio of 1:1 was used with a small touch of thinner too. You don't need to be too gentle with this, but try to make it look random. A torn up sink sponge of a certain density will work. Just don't use that flat edge but the torn one (and don't use a dirty one lol).

All boards together.

Khall then sponged a layer of Mechanicum standard grey over every footpath on the board.

With a further sponging of Mechanicum standard grey and [Celesta Grey] over the footpaths again. Eventually at the end another thinner lighter sponge coat of [Celesta Grey] will be added to the highest areas.

At this stage I took off into the other room to start using my airbrush. For those of you who are considering an airbrush: consider no more and just get one. I got a cheap set from Amazon (KMS Airbrush kit AS186 Compressor with tank) which came with 2 Airbrushes and a compressor (air tank which sucks air and stores compresses it; hence the name). It is a good starting point and works well enough to do the things below.

By the by I am a total noob when it comes to airbrushing and have already done the below foundations. Obviously practice a bit before hand and use masking tape.

Ok. First off be brave. I shadow lined using Dryad Bark (thinned to the consistency of milk with AX-20, which I also did for all citadel colours below), and sprayed at a psi of about 20 (which is displayed on the Compressor).

Then with a mix of 2:1 of Karak stone to Dryad Bark I sprayed carefully more to the centre of the concrete plates than the join lines. This gives the piece a lovely shadow. This can be done at 35 psi but allow it to drop for detail and small areas.

Then as I still had some of that lovely mix left I went straight on to this raised piece. Once again I favoured the joint lines and shadowed areas with a low psi of 20 or less.

Then I added Administratum grey, Karak stone and Screaming skull to the dregs of the shadow colour, to give a lovely earthy grey. This was done at 35 psi. Down to 20 for details and steps. Try to use this technique Zenithal-like where you highlight down trying to avoid shadowed areas to get a natural highlight.

For this foundation I used the Vallejo model air paint range (VMA). They come in an eye dropper like bottle and are already thinned for airbrushing. This one was done same as above but with VMA Medium sea grey as the shadow coat.

Followed by VMA Light grey as the main concrete.

Then I moved onto the shattered plaza. This was done with German grey in the shadows and up to VMA medium sea grey for the main slabs.

The second shattered Plaza was painted the same way as the earthy grey foundation above.

This is where we are up to after just 7 hours work including breaks. Both really pleased with how it is looking.

We shall have more time on it next Saturday.

Drake Seta and Khall Sithis

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  1. Love it!! Can't wait to start playing on these!!