Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Horus Heresy Weekender May 18th 2013: Excitement builds.

Here is the artwork for the event exclusive Book for the Horus Heresy Weekender of next month.

It shows two Adeptus Custodes in debate on a bridge, with the Imperial Palace in the background. It also shows an Orbital plate hovering over the Himalayas. I do believe the chap on the left is Constantin Valdor, if so it may be a follow up on the Sigilite book, told from the Custodes perspective.

This whole scene is official fluff.

Sooooo. We will have a snow dusted board at the siege of Terra when it comes about. Also the Orbital Plate is huge as we know. So will there be some exciting Zone Mortalis engagements to be fought inside to gain control of orbital defence emplacements on these plates? I hope so. Huge beautiful Stained glass windows dominate the front of (what I assume is) the palace too which I think that is a nice touch. There is also a gorgeous golden city sitting in the valley, which pleases me to know our City board can be used on Terra (we may need to dust it in fake snow before we game though :)

It was painted by artist Neil Roberts and once again he has done a great job.

Four Bunnies will be going to the Horus Heresy Weekender in May (tickets are still on sale guys everyone which can be purchased from here The event should herald the release of Fulgrim and give us some exceptional insight to the progress and future of the Heresy. Also we get to be locked away with some of the most inspirational people of our favourite Timeline and Sci-fi galaxy. I may have a pint with McNeil, Swallow, Kyme or Abnett too!!

We will also be having a give away of some Horus Heresy Goodies for our readers at the end of May from the Event, so check back regularly to find out how you can possibly get some Freebies and maybe even some Miniatures from The Horus Heresy range.

Drake Seta

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