Monday, 27 May 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 board (Istvaan 3) Day 5

Ok then. Vegas over; Khall and I are back onto the Forge World Cityscape boards. Now we have got to a stage where we are mainly doing small details and rubble. This is because we have already completed the main concrete bases and roads in previous posts (all but the final wash and weathering powders; which we have to do later). 

So firstly I decided to take on the "Generic" burnt out vehicles. Khall and I are not fans of fighting on a battlefield which always has a third party destroyed vehicle on it. So I could either go with the pure rusted destroyed rhino look such as on the Citadel Battlescape. But in my opinion a vehicle in that condition has been rusting for a long long time. I want to achieve a Just burnt out vehicle look. One in which the paint has totally been removed from heat damage. 

So using these pictures as inspiration I set out to achieve this look. 

Lots of whites, greys and sepias. 

So to start I painted a lightly watered down Skavenblight dinge onto the vehicle, so it has a streaky look to the burnt effect. 

I then did a layering drybrush of 50:50 of Administratum grey and Baneblade brown. This I did in patches and streaks across the wreck. 

Another layering drybrush of Administratum was done on top of the previous areas. 

Then streaks of watered down Balor Brown were added (these can be rough as subsequent stages will reel it back). 

Then I liberally sponged 66:33 Skull white with a Lahriman medium onto the wreck. This is the stage I have to leave it at now. I did want to do the smoke and flame blackening but that will have to be done with Forge World's Black soot weathering powder after the board has been washed.

I will also be blending the white in with the Balor a lot more as well as adding some more Seraphim Sepia. This will be concluded in the future. 

The same techniques were used on the Laser destroyer Wreck. 

The other big bit we have worked on is the Utility access area for our Cityscapes pipe work and ducting. The big brass housing on the left was sponged with Sotek Green in the low areas and around the bolts. It was then sponged up with Runelord Brass. Nice and easy and great look. 
The main pipes running through the main valve were painted with Warplock Bronze before having a light sponging of Runelord Brass to make it look weathered.

Otherwise we did a lot (and I mean a lot) of crates, Boltguns, Barrels and utility pouches all over the board. This was very time consuming. 

So here we are with our first six boards:

We Still have a lot of details to do, and like with all things: you start noticing things you don't like and want to improve. We will be back on it again tomorrow night and hopefully bring it all but up to the Gloss spray stage. 

Drake Seta. 

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