Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Corax: Soulforge - Horus Heresy Novella delivered.

Hello Bunnies. 

I am now a proud owner of Corax: Soulforge - a Horus Heresy Novella written by Gav Thorpe. Only 4000 copies made. 

It is 125 pages long and it's page edges are painted a jet black to add to the feel of the book. The cover art shows the Raven Guard assaulting some Dark Mechanicum base and squaring off against some gigantic constructs with spiked Mechadendrites. They seem to be flying not jumping as they normally do with Jump Packs. It would be great if the Raven Guard had an elite unit of Jet Pack infantry in FW Book 3, as I think it would go with their character of hit and run with the current 40k rules. 

Corax looks awesome as always. He is one of the Primarchs whom most deserve the 3 different model sculpts that Forge World will be doing in my opinion. 

1st - An Isstvan 5 Corax with Heavy Bolter, Whip and No Jump Pack
2nd - A Post Deliverence Lost Corax with single Lightning Claw, Whip and Jump Pack
3rd - A wrathful Corax with 2 Lightning Claws and Jump Pack. 

Gav Thorpe is an amazing writer so I know this will be worth the £30 queens heads I paid for it. The first book I read of his was Angels of Darkness; it turned me upside down with what to believe about the Dark Angels. Also if any of you get the chance; try and get hold of the Space Hulk Novella that came out at the same time as the last edition of the game. I love the behind the scene sequences that Gav creates, such as the preparation, maintenance and planning that the Astartes as a military body must carry out. Deliverence Lost and Ravens Flight were a very welcome insight into the Raven Guard and have catapulted their fan factor to a new high. Carth will be collecting the Ravens as his loyalist Legion for Book 3 of the Horus Heresy, and I already know he will do them justice. 

So now as I am slipping ever more behind with the Horus Heresy series (just finished Betrayer) I will say adieu. 

Drake Seta. 

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  1. Having Finished the book now I would have to say it is a really great book.
    No Spoilers:
    I think when the time comes and we actually get our Mechanicum / Dark Mechanicum and Raven Guard done; I would very much like to re-enact the entire Campaign on the planet. Sounds as though it would be a great set of Narratives and Scenarios.