Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pre-Heresy Emperors Children update

Hello Bunnies!

First I feel I must apologise! This is my first post with progress updates! That really annoying thing has been getting in the way of my hobby time...whats it called? Oh yeah!.....'life!' Lol

Well here is an update anyway! 

First up is my tactical squad! Almost finished now, just a couple of small details and that dude at the backs shoulder pads...I think I left them at the Imperial Palace (Drakes house) lol! I am quite happy with this squad, they all have the FW sculpted shoulder pads and I think it really adds to the feel! I have given the squad a nuncio vox and a legion vexilla! To add to the armies pomp, the sergeant has mk4 command upgrade helmet! The squad is made up of 50/50 mk4s and mk2s.

Next up is my assault squad! I have armed the sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword. 2 of the marines also have plasma pistols! The squad is made up of 50/50 mk4s and mk2s. Again, this squad comes complete with sculpted FW shoulder pads!

These next models are some of the nicest I have worked with and I truly hoped to have them finished today...however I suffered from something that has been reported by a few people! The undercoat will not stay on the arms no matter what I do!! I have spoken to FW about this and they have said they will send out replacements...excellent customer service as always! Here is the bodies for you to view anyway. Wh en complete they will all come with power swords and armed with 2 combi plasma guns, 1 combi flamer, a combi melta and a plasma blaster! Just waiting for the Emperors Children cataphractii pads! Will be a fun squad!

The final model I have to show you is my legion praetor Hector Phaleron! Really nice model! Going to use the mk3 Sculpted Emperors Children pad to finish him off! He is armed with paragon blade and plasma pistol, artificier armour and iron halo! My hope is that he will run alongside my cataphractii maybe...

Please remember that none of this are finished, I still need to weather and do battle damage as well as squad markings! I have gone to great lengths to try to individualise and pomp each of my guys and I am grateful of feedback or suggestions :) 

Below is my 750pt list

I have made a deal with Carth that we will start our primarches at the same time, so expect an update soon of us painting both Fulgrim and Angron!

Thanks for reading!

Khall Sithis

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