Monday, 24 June 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 (Istvaan 3) day 7

Day 7

Ok. Sometimes things go good. Sometimes things go bad. Mixture of both tonight. 

Good: Firstly we washed the roads. We decided against spray coating a gloss spray first because we wanted them a little darker. We mixed Abbadon black, Agrax Earthshade, Lahriman and 2 waters together. We then tackled a square at a time. Khall would brush it on with a 3xTank brush size brush taking care not to let it make tide marks. I would follow up with some kitchen or blue roll and dab remove indiscriminately. This left an effect we were really happy with. 

Before and after. 

Bad: Disaster struck. I decided I wanted to try the Purity seal then wash method. I tried to dab remove some excess and it left us with a horrible look :( putting this down to never having done it before. 

We added more water and two drops of fairy washing up liquid to the concoction and carried on on the other half. This turned out a lot better. Fairy works. 

I will need to fix this foundation going forwards. Ugghhh. Might try White Spirits. Any tips anyone?

Next foundation was better: but we had not enough water and dried it with the hair drier a bit close. 

Good: Third foundation looked a lot better. We covered it nice and quick with the wash. 

Then dried from a height with a hair drier. Taking care not to move the liquid around as it tides. 

Bad: Then we had some time free so we decided to start the second wash on a board we were happy with. We decided to try the watered down Karak Stone and Steel Legion Drab sand wash, where you are meant to cover sections and dab off excess. We were not too happy with how it turned out (incompetence maybe)

Good: We got our Weathering powders out. MIG: City rubble, Gulf sand and various others as well as the Forge World Black soot, light earth and dark earth. (The two splotches left of the Storm drain are the wash). 

This project is taking a long time now. All that is left to do now is to complete the weathering, fix The screw ups, drybrush the craters a lighter grey, do a few bits of field detritus then onto the buildings proper. Can't wait to game on it. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. What ratio did you mix the Abaddon Black, Argax Earthsahade, Lahiram, and water wash? Was it 1:1:1:2? And it was used on the WHOLE board? This seems like it would be pretty dark. Especially over some of the light colored stone you say you used it on. Did the gloss coat help with this? And was it a spray gloss varnish or brush on floor varnish (ie. Klear)? I'm doing my best to copy your awesome board, ha!

    1. Yup 1:1:1:2. As you can see in the top pic before right and after left it does not get too much darker. We did it without Klear so it would stain. So obviously a process like this needs large brush fast covering one square / rectangle at a time so that it stains without tide marks. This was blotted off instantly with a fist full of paper towels to get an effective look by a buddy. We decided this partly down to a few issues of weird tide marks whilst using a purity seal / Klear and the fact the grime would then just settle in recesses but leave each square slightly flat.
      Good luck buddy.