Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 (Istvaan 3) day 6

Today I had the urge to paint my first building. As noted previously we assembled all buildings and undercoated them with Chaos Black spray. We then spray highlighted the buildings with a dusting of skull white from a high angle. For the Red Mechanicum building we decided to use Khorne Red as the first layer of colour. We then painted the iconography / details in different metallic colours. 

Metal sections such as vents were done from warplock bronze to Leadbelcher. 
Brass areas were also done from Warplock to  Runelord brass. 
We also used gold leaf rub n buff on the side gold cog symbol. 

We then washed it with our magic mix of Abaddon black, Lahriman medium and Agrax Earthshade topped up with water. This was covered over the entire piece and dried with the help of a hair drier. Then we added fire damage with black soot weathering powder to various collapsed sections and windows. 
After this chipping effect was sponged on the corners which were likely to suffer from battle damage and wear and tear (Abaddon black mixed with Mechanicum standard Grey). 

I may add some more various weathering powders to the ruin before sealing it. 

More soon. 

Drake Seta

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