Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Battle Bunnies: Update June 2013

Hi Gamers. 

Just to let you know what we are all working on presently: 

Drake Seta: I am hopping between projects as usual and giving a helping hand here and there. Khall and I are about ready to wash the city boards, but due to evening shifts, birthdays, family (and me being in bed sick with a stomach bug) we are lagging behind a bit. 

Khall Sithis: Is getting on with his Emperor's Children at an amazing rate. We will be updating the pictures he posted on Sunday when he is next round, due to the lack of sharpness and poor lighting. 

Carth Onasi: Is getting on with his Pre-Heresy World Eaters and is near to posting some more info on them. 

Mega Nob: Is waiting for a delayed paint to arrive so he can start painting up his Pre-Heresy Iron Hands. The force is ready to be painted now. 

Tariel Gavvon: Has been extremely busy with work but is looking at starting his Sons of Horus in the next month or two. 

Then we have two other Bunnies who will be joining our Blog soon. Targel Vypus and [Classified]. 

Targel Vypus: Will be collecting Pre-Heresy Word Bearers and later Pre-Heresy Imperial fists. He has written up his starting list and will be starting in the next month or two. 

[Classified]: Is collecting a 40k Grey Knight Army currently and will be doing a Pre-Heresy Salamanders army. 

Hopefully posting will pick up after Khall and I finish our City Board and we can get to Campaigning. 

Drake Seta

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