Monday, 10 June 2013

The Horus Heresy Characters: Legionnaires which we want to see from Forge World.

Now obviously the Horus Heresy Campaign series from Forge World will be totally epic. The models brought out so far have been outstanding and the units have brought a new fresh breath to Space Marine players across the world. 
Ever since I first saw the Space Wolves (or as I now only refer to them as The Velka Fenryka) back in 1994; I was in love with the image of the Space Marine. Super soldiers with enough armour to build a tank; yet ballsy enough to not wear a helmet. They were my heroes. 

Then I read through the original Codex Space Wolves; and learned of Leman Russ. Primarch, Demi-God and Lord of Astartes. This character I was blown away by, and as more information was created or released about him I absorbed it all. My Brother and I would spend days and days speaking about the Primarchs and how we always thought 'they would bring them back next year'. And that's what it continued to be; It was always next year. We thought all the signs pointed to an advancement of the timeline, our Heroes would return and a new age of Gaming would be revealed. But GW never ever released them into 40k nor did it advance the storyline beyond a few Campaign books. 

Then thankfully Black Library began to characterise them in the Horus Heresy Book series and turned the dark past of 30k into a reality. I remember how awesome it was when I first read about Primarch Horus Lupercal in the novel 'Horus Rising'. The effect his presence had on his Legionnaires whilst just being in the same room was palpable. Then we were introduced to the characters which still terrorise the Galaxy in the 41st Millennium. The likes of Abbadon, Lucius and Kharn. At first I was of the opinion that GW had done a Star Wars episode 1 on us, but swiftly changed my mind. 

Then Forge World has begun to create a series of models for this amazing timeline; and we just had to be a part of it. I myself will be collecting 3 Legions: Death Guard, Night Lords and the Velka Fenryka. All of which have really diverse Primarchs and characters, which leads me onto the true subject of this post. I believe Forge World will release the Primarch (3 iterations of many of them) and 3-4 Characters (either of their own creation or from the works of the Black Library) for each Legion. 

Below is a list of the characters I believe should be released. 

1: Dark Angels: Luther & Cypher, Corswain & Astelan. 
2: Expunged
3: Emperor's Children: Saul Tarvitz & Lucius, Marius Vairosean & Eidolon. 
4: Iron Warriors: Forrix & Kroeger, Barban Falk & Toramino. 
5: White Scars: need more characterisation in the series sadly. 
6: Velka Fenryka: Ogvai Helmschrot Ohthere Wyrdmake, Gunnar Gunnhilt & Bjorn. 
7: Imperial Fists: Alexis Polux & Sigismund, (then possibly Efried & Camba Diaz). 
8: Night Lords: Sevatar & Sheng, (then possibly Tovak Tor & Alastor Rushel). 
9: Blood Angels: Raldoron & Azkaellon, Nassir Amit & Meros. 
10: Iron Hands: Gabriel Santar & Sabik Wayland, Ulrach Branthan & Cadmus Tyro. 
11: Expunged
12: World Eaters: Shabran Dar & Khârn, Kargos "Bloodspitter" & Delvarus. 
13: Ultramarines: Marius Gage & Remus Ventanus, Tylos Rubio & Nathaniel Garro (Death Guard). 
14: Death Guard: Durak Rask & Crysos Mortug, Holgoarg & Calas Thphon. 
15: Thousand Sons: Ahzek Ahriman & Phosis T'kar, Amon & Hathor Maat. 
16: Sons of Horus: Garviel Loken & Ezkyle Abaddon, "Little Horus" Aximand & Tarik Torgaddon.
17: Word Bearers: Kor Phaeron & Erebus, Argel Tal & Hol Beloth. 
18: Salamanders: Numeon & Heka'tan (more to come). 
19: Raven Guard: Branne & Agapito, Nykona Sharrowkyn & Solaro. 
20: Alpha Legion: Alpharius & Alpharius, Alpharius & Alpharius. (Or Sheed Ranko and Ingo Pech.)

Also think: Macer Varren & Iacton "the Half Heard" Qruze will fit in somewhere. 

I will keep my theories updated. 

Drake Seta. 

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