Monday, 29 July 2013

World Eater Rampagers ready to rampage!!

Hi guys,

As promised here is a view of my completed Rampager squad. These were very interesting to complete as the weapons were unlike anything I had come across before with the chained weapons. Also the amount of skin toning to complete was interesting as well. I realise I had to do the same with my Praetor but this was on a higher quantity!

Hope you guys enjoy these as these were really good to paint and complete.

Next on my list is a Legion Contemptor Dreadnought. I'm really looking to this particular model as this will give my army some real firepower. Soon I will also be moving onto some Legion Cataphractii, and then after that I will be going for my first ever vehicle; a Spartan Assault Tank. Will be purchasing that this week, and am very veryyyyyyyy excited to work on the tank!!

Darko Thane

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