Saturday, 14 September 2013

Barrels and fences

Hi all

Today I have once again eschewed painting or even finishing a Death Guard model. Instead I have decided to do a bit more to our Forge World Cityscape board. 

For the fences I bought a set of thin mesh from Halfords. Nice and cheap and has the correct link size. 

These were cut into 6.5 mm strips. 

. . . using scissors. 

Then I used clippers to trim a length off of the struts (from any GW building). 

The barrels were base coated in a desired colour and then drybrushed with a slightly lighter shade of your desired colour. Then chipping was done with a mix of black, warplock bronze and rhinox hide. 

The fence was spray painted black had various weathering colours added to it. 

Splotches of rust made from various shades of Forge world powders and occasional light splotches of sepia and powder mixes were applied to the strut. These were then drowned with white spirits to bed them in slightly. When drying you dab the rust splotches down haphazardly. 

Spray a hairspray on the strut and scatter a very minuscule amount of sand on it whilst wet. The more sand the rustier it will look. 

When dry: spray boltgun metal

Then when dry again, scratch the sand grains off. The picture above is taken pre- Agrax Earthshade wash. 

I will add a few warning signs to the fence and an Icon above the entrance to enhance it. Still torn on whether to put bar wire around the top of the fence too. 

Drake Seta. 

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