Sunday, 29 September 2013

Games Day 2013, Forge World Seminar - Horus Rising!

So here he is...Horus Lupercal! Primarch number 5! The head is a proxy and not at all the finished article.

As shown earlier here is a picture of Lorgar, the next Primarch. The aim is that he will be available for Christmas!

Sicaran Venator - armed with a laser destroyer! Nice!

Mechanicum Thralls...obviously a WIP but they will be usable with Imperial Guard!

Nice Mermadons (sp)

New Legion Basilisk, Blake is currently working on a Medusa cannon to go with it! Marines in the back!

Coming in next 3 months Medusan Immortals, Grave Warden Terminators and Night Raptors:

Preview of book 3 - hopefully available in Easter! 

Battle of Phall is boarding actions between Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists!
First Battle of Paramar (taken from
Battle of Paramar V (Unknown Date.M31) - The world of Paramar was the scene of several fierce battles during the Horus Heresy, amongst which the Traitor assault on Station 3 spaceport was perhaps the most bloody. The Forces of Chaos, supported by the Tiger Eyes Traitor Titan Legion, strode into the deserted spaceport expecting little resistance. They were surprised to meet Titans of the Fire Wasps,Firebrands and Imperial Hunters Titan Legions along with support troops and armour. After a swift and violent battle the Traitors were routed, and eventually expelled from Paramar entirely.

And finally here is a preview of the second trilogy.

Book 4 is called Inferno and will include:
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Sisters of Silence!

Book 5 is around Signus and will include:
Blood Angels
Dark Angels - cant remember name of campaign...

Calth, Book 6 will be:
Imperial Army

I presume there will be more in book 5&6. 

The aim is that they will release 4-5 Primarches a year and 1-2 books a year.

I hope you have enjoyed our report any questions please ask. I will update this with the QnA as and when I remember parts! The future is bright...the future is heresy!

Khall Sithis


  1. Must have been awesome being there. What did you pick up? ;)

  2. Hello. Well I for one got: 3 Tarantulas, a Hyperios Tarantula and a Air defence command platform, all of which to go on my new Castellum fortification to be featured in an upcoming Campaign. Also I bought the Stronghold tile (older FW Tunnel entrance tile), 5 more Mk3 Legionnaires, Massacre and Phoenix Guard for Khall. Was an excellent time. I was even allowed to hold THE Ferrus Manus :) So all in all a very eventful day. The other guys got some booty too.