Monday, 30 September 2013

Ferrus vs Fulgrim and the Isstvan 5 board in its glory

Hi Bunnies

Here it is in its glory. Hundreds of Legionnaires and 2 Primarchs knocking several colours of shit out of each other. This board can only be expanded upon too. It is just screaming to be made twice as wide and covered with the other Legions.

The Centrepiece of it all. And one hell of a cake topper.

The teams did several Diorama bases featuring the Emperor's Children and Iron Hands slaughtering each other. 

Not in Book 2 but you can feel them being readied for book 3 Extermination

Same with this awesome bit of kit. I was a bit unhappy to find the Castellum (one of my purchases) was not in book 2. Then I spoke to Tony C. who informed me it will be in book 3 (eta April), and that it will be available as a download in the next few weeks. 

Looks deadly but I have no idea how deadly yet. I will be starting it as soon as I finish my Medusa. And I will do a painting guide too :)

This poor lil fella was all alone. :( want FW to do some dead models for us to grab too. Kind of complete the Massacre board. 

Some Guy. 

Next Gamesday you will see the Prospero Board. Count on it guys. 

Drake Seta. 

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