Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint

So here it is: The Castellum Strongpoint. 

At Gamesday this Year I decided to buy this tile as a thematic piece of scenery. I have been dying to get my mitts on it since I saw it first in July. I am no Virgin to FW's Scenery tiles having got an entire 6x4 Mortalis board which is almost complete and a whole 6x4 cityscape board with Khall. 

Firstly I can tell the mould is a fresh mould as it has very little spalling. 

In fact I think I can only see one line of it which can be quickly treated. Bubble-wise I can only locate a few semi significant ones on the central locking clamps and that is it. 

The tile is gorgeous and very playable as a stand alone fortification (I wouldn't get more than 1 though), and has several ladder points to enable models to climb to ramparts. 

The lower ramp shutter and the main door can be cut out, as it is hollow behind, to make fore some great scenery. 

Great detail. 

The projectors are meant to be force field projectors, instead of a huge gate. 

3mm lip from the Cityscape board to the Castellum (I know it is not designed to go with it but I would like to give myself the option). 

Toying with the idea of adding a removable "kerb like paving option" so can be used with my Mortalis board, and so I can use with every board type (snow, grass, city etc). 

I will be starting it shortly. 

Drake Seta


  1. How well does it transition to the regular GW RoB board?

    1. Fits perfectly. Just the correct height and everything. Only issue is that mine is approximately 3mm wider than a standard one. This is not a problem if it is mounted in the corner but if in the centre there may be gaps. It may be due to them over filling the mould or something though.

  2. Hi love the terrain piece beautifully done. I have a question what are you using to thin your Citadel paints and to what ratio. I normally use model air etc and use Citadel for brush painting. I`ve heard good things about Tamiya Thinner.