Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard; Legion Medusa part 2

With the main chipped and damaged part of the vehicle well underway I decided to up my painting xp some more. I really wanted a rusty rail for the Death Guard to lean on when not bombing the enemies of the Emperor. So after trawling through the Masterclass books I found a technique. 

One. Splotches of rust made from various shades of Forge world powders and occasional light splotches of sepia and powder mixes were applied to the model. These were then drowned with white spirits to bed them in slightly. When drying you dab the rust splotches down haphazardly. Don't forget the supports. 

Two. Whilst covering one half of the model, spray a hairspray on the model and scatter a very minuscule amount of sand on it whilst wet. The more sand the dustier it will look. Being carful to get a few grains on the supports. 

Three. Spray your desired metal colours onto the dried surface. 

Four. Using a hard paintbrush or needle, knock and scratch the grains of sand off. This will leave the surfaces splotchy and streaky. Then purity seal the section. 

I have also added the main cannon now. So next onto the crew and details. 

Drake Seta

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