Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Great Crusade project and how it affects Fulgrim

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Just thought I would give you a quick update on the direction we see battle bunnies gaming group heading. I am sure regular readers are aware that the blog is very Horus Heresy centric, following and reporting on Forge Worlds beautiful realisation of the topic. Although we intend to do reports on all the battles, we are not going to be focusing on HH as a priority. Instead the glory years of the Great Crusade will be our era of choice. 

Over the coming months we will be working closely with each other to make the most fair, balanced and fluffy xenos 30k army lists we can. Armies like:
Generic giant insects - these sorts were encountered alot in the crusade
Will get army lists and we will re-enact or create awesome campaigns and conversions! What armies would you like to see? Have you got any conversion or unit ideas for the above? let us know below!

I have already started work on an Eldar Exodite army list based on information found in Promethean Son and Feat of Iron. Dragons, dinosaurs, lizards, acid spitting nomads - the list will have it all!! Please comment below any units you would like to see!! 

I will make the list available to anyone who wants a copy and will also send quartermaster templates if requested too. I will let you know when these are ready.

Gaming in the Great Crusade period will mean certain 'bending' or changing of the rules in the FW legion list. Here is an example:

If, like us, you are a real stickler for the fluff, you may have wished for a Fire Blade option for Fulgrim. This was a far superior weapon to the Blade of Laer (as discussed in the Horus Heresy Novel: Fulgrim – if you would like references please comment below) and as such we have agreed to a local rule change. For any campaigns set before the Heresy Fulgrim will use Fireblade, The rules will be exactly the same except it will have one of the following rules:
  1. +1 strength to user
  2. Fleshbane (always wound on 2+
Both rules have their merits and fit. Strength bonus suggests a better weapon, without Fulgrim becoming too overpowered, whereas Fleshbane, for me, suggests a better weapon but also fits with the sublime swordsman description of Fulgrim.
As Fulgrim is relatively overcosted compared to the other first 3 Primarches we have agreed no point increase for Fulgrim if we do the +1 strength change. If he becomes fleshbane then he will become 400pts.
The rules itself will not change much against weaker enemies (where he wounds on 2+ anyway) and will only really show any difference against monstrous creatures (if he fights Primarches he will automatically get the Blade of Laer).
Any thoughts or feelings on any of the above please let me know. I will be especially interested in the potential rule changes around Fireblade.

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Khall Sithis


  1. Makes sense. If I had to pick one I would say +1S. That way he has more luck against those pesky Contemptors etc.

  2. I would agree with the +1S also :)