Tuesday, 29 October 2013

An Ironclad Introduction

Over the last few months I have been studying up on the history of the Iron Hands, during the great crusade they became famous for devistateing set piece strikes. When Ferrus took command of the legion he completely changed the structure and attitude of the legion, as such my list reflects both the strength and flexibility of the tenth's tactics as well as staying true to their ideals.

This is subject to change but for now gives me a nice base to start this much loved legion

IH - Iron-Father Autek Mor 225
Legion Centurion: Thunderhammer; Volkite Charger; Digital lasers; Cataphractii Terminator Armour. 135

9 Medusan Immortals: Veteran Sergeant (Plasma Pistol). 265
3 Legion Contemptor Deadnoughts: Kheres Pattern Assault cannon; Heavy Conversion Beamer; DCCW Heavy Flamers; DCCW Graviton gun; DCCW Melta gun; 3× IH - Blessed Autosimulacra. 645
9 Gorgon Terminators: Gorgon Hammerbearer (IH - Cyber-Familiar); 1:5 Reaper Autocannon; Lightning Claw. 410
5 Legion Terminators: Legion Terminator Sergeant (Cataphractii Terminator Armour); 3× Power Weapon; 3× Single Lightning Claw; 3× Thunder hammer; Volkite Charger; (1:5) Heavy Flamer; (1:5) Reaper Autocannon; Cataphractii Terminator Armour. 282

9 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant; Nuncio-Vox; Legion Vexilla. 170
9 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant; Nuncio-Vox; Legion Vexilla. 170
9 Assault Legionaire: Legionaire Assault Sergeant. 250
9 Breacher Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant; Nuncio-Vox; Legion Vexilla. 250

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: 5× Multi-melta. 130
Legion Spartan Assault Tank 295
1 Legion Predator: Command Tank; Heavy Conversion Beamer; 2x Sponsoon Lascannons. 190

Primarch Ferrus Manus 455
Legion Glaive Super-Heavy Tank 625

4,497 points

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  1. Fug! That will be an impressive force. You going to do the Centurion from any specific model?