Saturday, 5 October 2013


That's right everyone. Our gaming group is 2 years old now. 

So what have we achieved in the last 2 years?

We have started a total of 5 Legions: Emperor's Children, Death Guard, Iron Hands & World Eaters. With Dark Angels and Word Bearers being started shortly. 

We have reported on 5 big events and have posts linked all over the internet from UK to Russia, America, Japan, Australia and many more we had to get the globe out for too. 

We have done over 100 posts, this will be the 106th. 

We have had some great feedback for our Legion Battle Reports, and which we will be doing lots more of these in the future. 

We have gained some great friends, and one of us had a lovely baby Girl called Alice. 

What we are looking forward to this year coming?
More Primarchs. Horus, Lorgar, Corax and more.  

Starting Legio Tiger Eyes. Our Titans will get out of the box this year. 

More Forge World Events. Horus Heresy Weekender was amazing and we need to be there again. 

Starting the Great Crusade. We will be starting a huge Great Crusade Campaign in the next few weeks. 

Betrayal. We want to fight the whole Betrayal Campaign on the side of our Great Crusade battle reports so we can have a whole Page devoted to it. 

And more and more cake!

Cheers everyone around the world for your comments and observations. Looking forward to upping our posts this year. 

Drake Seta

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