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Angron - With Painting Guide

Hi there guys,

As promised here is my painting guide for Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters. I thoroughly enjoyed this model and am extremely pleased with this. Been looking forward to this for so long and glad to have finished the Red Angel. Hope you enjoy my painting guide and make use of it. Enjoy!! 

Here are the pieces I shall be using for the main model. I know there is an extended base but for the purposes of this guide I shall use the combat base. Excellent quality resin here. Good to wash and hardly any trimming needed.

Gluing the pieces into place and ensure the space marine is put in place so Angron can be placed onto him.

Spray the model with Chaos Black spray. Avoid spraying onto the marine. I used blue tac to cover the model but you could easily spray the pieces individually, its your call.

To get the armour right I built up the colour over a number of layers. With Angron I prefer to have him primarily with a bronze colour rather than gold. I am using an airbrush to bring up my layers. I start here with Warplock Bronze. Must ensure that you add each layer fully and getting in all the crevices.

Next layer consists of 50% Warplock Bronze and 50% Brass Scorpion.

Next layer is sprayed with Brass Scorpion.

The next stage includes spraying with 1 part Brass Scorpion and 2 parts Runelord Brass.

Lastly for the armour I used a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. To get the right colour I applied 2 doses here, especially to bring up the ridges and liven it up.

Next I painted the cloth which consists of the tabards on the arms and around the waist. To paint this I used a 50/50 mix of Khorne Red and Wazdakka Red. As always to get the consistency right I mixed it with Lahmian Medium (LM).

To paint the studs I used Sycorax Bronze along with LM. After that is completed I go over the cloth with a wash of Carroburg Crimson to give it a deeper shade.

Now for Gorechild and Gorefather. When painting the hilt I used 50/50 Khorne Red and Mephiston Red along with LM. For the shafts I used a drybrush application of Balthasar Gold and then a drybrush of Shining Gold. To get the blades right I first used Boltgun Metal, then applied a second layer consisting of Runefang Steel mixed with LM. Once the Runefang had been applied I applied a heavy wash of Nuln Oil. I applied the wash quite roughly as I like to give the weapons some age.

Next on the list were the chains. To complete these I used Leadbelcher mixed with a lot of LM to make sure it keeps the chains defined correctly. When the metal was completed I gave a wash of Nuln Oil.

As above you can see I applied the base scenery with Abaddon Black so I can then paint the right colours over that. As you can see I painted the marine as a World Eater. See my previous painting guide "How to paint Pre-Heresy World Eaters" if you want to follow my example. To get the scenery correct I used various shades of grey for stone and browns for the sands.

As you can see where Angron stands on the marine he has burst the chest cavity. To express the gore I used a slight paint of Khorne Red.

With the cloak now. To start this off I sprayed the cloak with Chaos Black. For the first layer I applied Rhinox Hide with a lot of LM to ensure the colour gets into all the spaces.

To bring the cloak up to the desired colour and effect I brought up a number of different shades of brown. To start off I applied a light drybrush of Dryad Bark, then Dryad Bark mixed with Steel Legion Drab. I mixed firstly at 75%/25% and then switched to 25%/75% after drybrushing each. I lastly applied a slight drybrush of Steel Legion Drab around the edges of the fur only.

To complete the back of the cloak I painted the chains with the Leadbelcher combo as listed above. For the skulls I drybrushed a layer of Baneblade Brown and then brought it up with a layer of Ushabti Bone. After that I applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade to deepen the skulls colour but used a slight drybrush of Ceramite White over the skulls.

For the inside of the cloak I started with a layer of Steel Legion Drab mixed with LM.

To then define the cloak I applied an overbrush of Baneblade Brown, concentrating more on the edges as they are the places to mostly age.

Next to be completed are Angrons subweapons. For Angrons combat blade I painted the sheath with Machanicus Standard Grey and the hilt and studs of Sycorax Bronze, ending with a wash of Nuln Oil. On the later picture there is Angron's Spite Furnace pistol. Unfortunately there isn't a picture for that, although I can say I used a 50/50 mix of Khorne Red and Mephiston Red with LM for the holster, Boltgun Metal for the studs and Balthasar Gold for the grip.

Now comes the dreaded skintone!! For me I was worried about it but was pretty simple. To start off I used a 2-1 part mixture of Baneblade Brown and Cadian Fleshtone. I wanted to give a darker fleshtone but at the same time needed it light enough to make Angron look, not necessarily ill, but damaged.

I then washed the face with a wash mix of 75% Agrax Earthshade and 25% Druchii Violet. After the wash has dried I applied a highlight of the above face layer to go over the wash.

Apologies for the quality here but nextly were Angron's signature Butcher's Nails. For this I used Leadbelcher as they are historic, not like the modern nails we see in such units as the Rampagers or Red Butchers.

Lastly I had to complete the facial features. I completed the facepaint with Khorne Red with LM. Painting the eyes and teeth I used a very thin layer of Ushabti Bone.

And there we have it folks!! Apply the blade to the cloak in the slot provided and glue the cloak on the back. Lastly glue the Spite Furnace to the right side of Angron's waist.

And who doesn't enjoy some blood!!!!! To make this up I've used a few shades of red and used a sponge to spatter the blood to the chainaxes. Using a lot of LM to thin up the consistency and ranging the shades to vary the gore content. Lastly I used Ardcoat as a way of really bringing the 'blood' to life and it looks really good. For now I have just applied to the axes but I'm toying with the idea of applying to the bottom of the cloak.

I hope you enjoyed my guide and hope it serves you well!! Please let me know what you think and keep checking in for more units, or even look back at some of our historical paintings. Can't wait to start using this goliath!!

Darko Thane

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