Sunday, 13 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint Painting guide: Day 2

Part 2!

I covered the models' grey parts in several sponged shades of grey. First was a heavy all over Codex Grey. All greys below were thinned with Lahmian medium. 

Followed by Codex grey mixed with Fortress Grey, more towards the edges and corners as well as a few sporadic internal areas more central on each ferrocrete face. 

Then a highlight sponge of Fortress grey to represents chipping on edges.

Followed by a Celestra grey to finish the edges off. Further wash shading and streaking will come later guys. 

A mix of Rhinox hide, Warplock bronze and Abaddon black was sponged and drybrushed all over the metal surfaces to give it a worn and used steel look. Graphite (pencil) was put on the edges of really worn steps. 

I took extra care to show well trod routes. Further powders and washes will be applied later chaps. 

Ok then guys. The Admantium spacers / bonding plugs (or whatever) were done with an undercoat of Leadbelcher. Washes and weathering will come later bunnies. 

This was also done on the top of the command building. 

Another 6 hours down! Really enjoying it so far. More soon. 

Drake Seta. 

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