Thursday, 17 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint Painting guide: Day 3

Part 3. 

Ok then. To tackle the huge compound I wanted to have very worn looking Plasteel. 

Firstly the area was under coated chaos Black. Then I masked up the Ferrocrete walls to save them from harm. 

Using my airbrush I sparayed a thinned Warplock bronze over the entire area in patches. 

I then added Leadbelcher to the remnants of the Warplock Bronze mix and re sprayed it again, taking care to build up the Silver on the main beams at a low pressure. I then added more Leadbelcher and did it again. 

I then did a dark wash (equal parts: Lahmian, Abaddon Black, Water and Agrax Earthshade). If I could do it again I would have added more water. 

Above view. 

I also today base coated the door, window and vent trims with Runelord Brass. Just to add another dimension to the piece. Too much silver would be very flat. 
The window panes were Abaddon black with a small amount of a medium blue with an Ard'coat finish. No matter how hard you try windows that big will never look amazing.
I washed the metal work with the same wash I mentioned above and drybrushed chainmail over the top to add a bit of highlight to it. 

Another 4 hours tonight. 

So left to do is: 
The final airbrush shading which I have never done before. 
The details of the terminals, cables and projectors. 
Weathering airbrushing to the ground recesses. 
Streaking of grime. 

Drake Seta. 

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