Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angron vs. Fulgrim

Hi there guys,

As I have now completed Angron I have had a couple of mock battles to see how he fares against a wide range of opponents. He went through a 20 man tactical squad with ease, killed an Eldar Avatar in one turn and to be honest is a true badass. What the interesting experiment is how he fares against a fellow primarch.

We at Battle Bunnies vow that we bever proxy battle unless we have the primarchs fully completed, and even then as an incentive we don't make them up until we have the points made up to use them anyways. Khall and I had a battle on the Castellum fortification with Angron against Fulgrim. Oh and some of our marines wanted to have a watch as well!!!

In the battles we had it was great to see the abilities against one primarch and another. Overall each had their own advantages, such as Angron with his +1S and his 6+ Feel No Pain, and Fulgrim with his initiative bonus attacks and Blind rule when rolling a 6 on a save. 

After 7 battles Angron was the victor winning 5-2 (which made me very happy!!). Each of us had good and bad rolls but overall Angron was the superior primarch in this case. 

Using 'Mathammer' we deduced that, through average rolls, and with just straight up attacking without fighting back that Angron would win as well. With Fulgrim he would kill Angron on an average of 10 or 11 turns. Whereas Angron kills Fulgrim if unopposed on 6 or 7 turns. This does take into consideration the It Will Not Die rule for rolling for regenerating wounds.

When more of our primarchs become ready we will show more battles and report on all of these. Currently Mega Nob has possession of Ferrus Manus so when he becomes abailable we shall see how he fares against his fellow brothers. 

Darko Thane


  1. . . . . and maybe Mortarion when he finally gets released. . . .

  2. Dream on Drake, dream on good sir :)