Monday, 21 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint Painting guide: Day 4

Day 4. Weathering. 

Starting from here . . . 

Using my shading wash of equal parts water/ Lahmian/ Abaddon Black and Agrax Earthshade which I made in my previous post, I carefully started adding shading and streaking. This was done slightly under the edges/ lips of items, under windows and in recesses with an Airbrush. 

I then did one part Tamiya Flat flesh and two part Tamiya flat brown thinned to do the bottom of the exterior walls and spots on the walkways where dirt would accumulate. 

Here is a better representation of the colours as they come together. 
I also used a tiny amount of MIG Gulf war sand in the recesses  which was then fixed in place with white spirits (by flooding the surfaces with a paint brush and being careful not to disturb the powder). 

Another 3 hours. 

I will be finishing the sand and weathering the centre next, as well as starting the fugging Tarantulas :(

Drake Seta


  1. Damn that look cool, about the wash, when you throw it by you airbrush, it doesn't pool? (always been afraid of doing it with my airbrush because of that)

  2. First time I have ever done it :) says it all really. The concoction I use is the same as the ones FW use to wash all of their Mortalis tiles and Cityscape tiles. I just sprayed it on using a low psi ice and thin. Pretty much just whip it down slightly and move on. Don't over do one area. It is surprisingly effective in my opinion.