Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Great Crusade: Done by the Battle Bunnies

The Battle Bunnies' Great Crusade: In the next week the Battle Bunnies will be starting their Great Crusade campaign.
This will feature all Legions, The Mechanicum, the Imperial army and the various Xenos species around during this time.
We originally wanted to do it as a conquest-based strategy campaign, but have decided against it due to the wide-dispersal of the Legions in their respective Segmentums and the inability to plan their movements carefully we have decided to do it narrative.
Each Legion will have their Primarch, all named significant characters from the Novels, all specialist units, Titan Legions and supporting elements. We will also be creating our own Praetors and centurions for the campaign. These with the Primarchs and Heroes from the Novels, will allow us to make some fantastic fan-fiction and our own Legends during this epic time. Only the controlling players will be able to say what side these created Characters will end up on for the inevitable Treachery that Horus commits.

Betrayal and Massacre: We also realize that we need to tackle the Betrayal Campaign book as soon as we are able to. So our plan is to start with a few games in the Great Crusade and when we have 2000-3000 pts of the Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children, we will do a Page on our blog devoted to a Stand Alone Betrayal Campaign.

Legend Points: As characters can die in our games whilst on the boards, we have decided to create Legend points. Each General (Praetor/Archon/Imperial General etc) will start with 20 pts. Each commander (Champion/Centurion etc) 15. 

  • When the Character wins a battle his Legend points go up by 1. 
  • When he dies or loses his points go down by 1. 
  • When he wins a Campaign his points go up by 1. 
  • When he takes the last wound off any Independent Character he goes up by 1. 
  • When he takes the last wound off a Primarch he goes up by D3. 
  • Each Primarch will start with 20, but will never go below 1 and will only die when they are destined to die or go missing. 

Timeline: We are going to start the Great Crusade at year M30 937: three years after Angron takes control of World Eaters and before the Raven Guard and Alpha Legion are discovered. We will then follow the best fit Horus Heresy timeline or official dates.

The Battle Bunnies view on what they want from the Great Crusade.

Drake Seta: I want to be able to "play" my legion. To have the ability to create heroes with great back stories depending on how my Legion(s) Progress. To play the whole conflict out Game of Thrones style to its conclusion at the Scouring. I want to be able to have Primarch fighting alongside Primarch and see how they compliment each other. I want to also be able to have specialist games of Fantasy Flight style Roleplaying and Necromunda style last stands.

Darko Thane: i would love to experience the hobby as a whole. As a new starter i am eager to battle and read into all sorts of stories. I look to gain experience to further my gaming ability and learn all different aspects of the heresy and crusade.
I would like to expand my experience and become an independent but important character in the Great Crusade, commanding my own armies and conquering xenos.

Khall Sithis: I want the ability to fight in the greatest story ever told. To fight as, and alongside characters I have coveted for 20 odd years. Develop solid painting skills and design and make great scenery. I want to write stories that are interesting and camptivating.
For the group: I want to forge exceptional campaigns with you all, starting rivalries and developing friendships. I want variety that you cant get from 40k
For the blog: I want us to be the forefront of 30k. A treasure chest of gaming, painting and modelling tips, stories, dioramas.

Mega nob: I'm in this so I can write my self into a campaign that spans the entire galaxy and 10 thousand years while being able to be an active participant instead of a viewer like in a film or game.

Targel Vypus: Well I want a wide range of well thought out battles where the outcome actually has an effect on the bigger picture.


  1. So wish I could take part, my WE are itching for some skulls

    1. We are thinking about running a mega board (or series of mega boards on rollers which can be slid together and apart) for the Isstvan 5 conflict. We are looking at selling places and donating all proceeds to charity. All boards will be made perfectly too with actual black sand. So watch this space.