Sunday, 27 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint Painting guide: Day 5

I used the Games Workshop scenery pack brown for the base layer for the sand areas. 

I then did a heavy drybrush of Ochre to make it look like dark sand. 

I then used various shades of grey and sand colours to do the rocks. 

I then painted the cables and details. 

I used MIG gulf war sand powder to add some sporadic splashes of settled sands. This was then bedded in with a flood of white spirits and left to dry. When dry I re-airbrushed the sand sections with my shading wash (Abaddon black, Agrax Earthshade, water and Lahmian) with a drop or 2 of fairy washing up liquid to help dry into the corners. 

The Castellum finished. 

The Tarantulas were done in the same scheme as for the main building. 

Twin Lascannons

Air Support

Drake Seta

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