Sunday, 27 October 2013

Forge World Castellum Strongpoint Finished

Here it is. My finished Castellum. Such a great project which I have enjoyed thoroughly. My favourite part was the airbrush weathering that I did. 

The fortification accommodates squads almost everywhere. Still I have no information on the rules for the strongpoint (destined to be released in Book 3 Extermination) but rest assured I am now ready for our first game with the tile. . . . Well I guess I need some more Death Guard . . .

Why did I paint it generic Grey? Well I needed it to be used by all Legions that we will be collecting. Also I want to use it as a objective piece for several story types which have been planned for our Great Crusade campaign. 
We will be Blu-Tacing painted Legion Brass Icons From Forge World on to the piece to represent the Castellum belonging to certain Legions, for our Story battles. 

I would be intrigued to see what the Internal Floor Plan of the Scenery would look like. Hopefully there will be some fluff behind this piece in the Extermination book. 

After the turret choices for the Tarantulas and air support I can only guess what the Castellum will have in store for us. 
There are a lot of doors, so I can assume the controlling Legion will have the ability to keep Infantry in reserve with the ability to have them leave via any door. 
The major door at the base of the main building does not seem big enough to hold Dreadnoughts either. 
The centre point in the middle of the Strongpoint might just be an Elevator, big enough for all normal tanks but maybe not Fell Blades or other Super Heavies. 
It is a landing pad for Storm Eagles too, and I bet it will have the similar rules to the Skyshield landing pad. Maybe the Drop ships will be able to move as Fliers and still disembark men. 

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Drake Seta

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