Sunday, 27 October 2013

Great Crusade. The Reaving of Tagatha. Message from Lotara Sarrin - Conqueror.


Captain Krox.
The Conqueror has received a request for military assistance from the nearest Imperial battle group. Sire Angron has asked for the astropathic communication to be forwarded to you Captain Krox. Our 203rd Expedition fleet is currently indisposed with its current actions in the Helios Gulf with the Greenskins. Truth be told Sire Angron is enjoying himself thoroughly against the Orks, you should see him, truly he is a lord of war. 
The distress call is from the Desert World of Tagatha. It is a compliant world in the new Imperium of man, and has been since it was brought to compliance by the Lunar Wolves back in 860 M30. The Astropathic message informs us of Eldar slavers reaving the world, cities are burning and the populace are falling back to the All-summer Caverns (shelters for their fire season). The Imperial Army is holding the xenos off for now but their strength is waining. Coordinates of recent raids have been compiled for tactical analysis, as well as Topographical plans of the centres of Populace. 
This message should meet you as your 219th Expedition fleet - including the forces of the Emperor's Children and Death Guard - will be set to leave Winskrieg to prosecute the Karrus compliance, this supersedes these orders until the situation at Tagatha has been dealt with. Reintegration into your Expedition fleets will continue when this conflict is over. We predict arrival at the Winskrieg Docks circa 430 937 M30, I am sure that you Captain Addon will want to be by Sire Angron's side when we take the Karrus Sector. Your fleet is to leave at once. May the tides of the warp be in your favour. 

Captain: The Conqueror (Prior. Adamant  Resolve)
Lotara Sarrin
230 937 M30 

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