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Emperor's Children specific army list options

Legion - Emperors Children review

This is not a build guide...just a section on the Emperors Children specific units and how they can be used...

So here we go:

Fulgrim - of the Primarches so far Fulgrim appears to be one of the weakest. This is mainly due to him using the Blade of Laer as opposed to Fireblade (a far superior weapon). He is still, however, a combat monster against anything below 'Monstrous Creature' due to his 'Sublime Swordsman' rule, which grants him a number of bonus attacks, equal to the difference between his initiative and his opponents, in a challenge.
Another reason to get him into combat quick is his poor invulnerable save - lower than any of the other Primarches (outside of combat). When he is in the thick of things, this gets a well needed boost.
Fulgrim also has a Volkite Serpenta called 'Firebrand' - this is very effective against weak infantry, against anything else - not so much!
He is a supreme strategist and as such can CHOOSE his Warlord trait, which is pretty cool! Also, as Sire of the Emperors Children he boosts the combat resolution score and may reroll reserve rolls. All Emperors Children in his force gain the Crusader special rule which adds to the pompous feel to the army and its 'Perfect' way of war.

After a recent discussion with Alan Bligh I have settled a debate started here:

Alan Bligh believes 'Fireblade would be a more powerful Paragon Blade. Up the strength and reduce the dice roll needed for instant death,' - this sounds more in fitting with the other Primarch weapons and indeed fits the fluff for Fireblade quite well. Here is the rules for Fireblade when we battle in Great Crusade Era:
Fulgrim - unchanged from Betrayal but becomes 400pts. Loses Blade of Laer and gains:
Weapon: Fireblade Range: - Strength: +2 AP: 2 Type: Melee, Murderous Strike (5+) 

Saul Tarvitz - great character in the Black Library novels. His rules are very standard, but he is a cheap defensive HQ option for the Emperors Children. He uses a modified bolter for sniping and a Charnabal Broadsword for rending his foes! The Charnabal Broadsword also confers the Duellists Edge special rule which is +1 to initiative in a challenge. He gives any unit he is with the Counter-Attack special rule in his own deployment zone and Artificier Armour and Refractor Field to keep him alive. Well worth the points! Just needs a model!!

Lord Commander Eidolon - I loved this pompus prick in the Black Library books and Forge World have made some exceptional rules for him! He comes with a Master crafted Thunder Hammer which doesn't suffer the effects of cumbersome/unwieldy. Therefore Eidolon smashes his opponents with four strength 8, AP2 attacks. Couple in the fact he has a sonic shrieker as standard, he attacks at initiative 6 in a charge with 5 attacks! Just wow! 
Eidolon has a template attack called the death scream too which has the rending special rule. Nice indeed! 
He comes equipped with a nice warlord trait which adds distance to Emperors Children's charge distance, if within 12" of him. His wargear is top notch, boasting a 2+ save and 4+ invun (better than Fulgrim's armour lol). He can take a jump pack too to get him into the enemy quicker! 
Unfortunately, as with many Emperors Children units, I wont be able to make the most of the character. As we are setting our games during the Great Crusade, sonic Shriekers and the such weren't developed until much later on. Therefore minor point deductions will be decided upon. Eidolon will have no sonic shrieker or template weapon, instead he will be 170pts. Again, Eidolon needs a model asap.

Rylanor the Unyielding - Elite option, Contemptor Dreadnought for Emperors Children. He was seen in the assault of Laer in the Black Library book 'Fulgrim'. He remained loyal on Isstvan III and became a beacon of hope to the victims of the betrayal. He is armed with a Kheres Assault Cannon and a Power Fist with inbuilt Heavy Flamer, Automantic Shielding (for tasty invuns!) he has the Crusader and Fleet special rules which allow him to be a beast in combat! Need the model!

Palatine Blade Squad - an elite power-armoured squad that show exceptional close combat prowess. They come with Charnabal Sabres (rending and duellists edge) as standard but the whole squad can be given power swords or power lances cheaply. For added speed, and a small fee, jump packs can be equipped! The Palatine Blades can also have Sonic Shriekers - see below! I will be running mine with power swords and jump packs. They will be a retinue squad eventually for Eidolon. 

Sonic Shriekers - these beauties can be given to an Independent Character. They '+1 to the models initiative in the first turn of an assault' This means when they are charging or are being charged, they will very often hit first! As discussed, this cant be used during the earlier stages of the great crusade. 

Pheonix Guard - Fulgrims bodyguards! Absolutely stunning models however the rules are...somewhat underwhelming. In their description they are described as peerless fighters much feared for their incredible skill in hand to hand. They even go so far as to say they are some of the best across all legions! First of all, they have exactly the same stat line as any other legionnaire except an extra attack...Other legions have better STANDARD terminators let alone bodyguards for their primarch! Justaerin and Red Butchers have WS5 and Salamander Terminators and Deathshroud have W2. Furthermore, they all mainly have 4+ invuns too!! Pheonix Guard are very expensive for their points. To make the squad seem more attractive, give them all sonic shriekers for a small fee :D 
Now for some good points: Pheonix Power Spears are really good on the charge so you must ensure you make it. Coupled with the Sudden Strike special rule (+1 initiative on the charge) and they can become quite deadly. Living Icon special rule means any unit within 6" counts a draw in combat as a victory...nice little boost! 

Kakophoni - this is the last of the Emperors Children exclusive units and what a treat they are. They have some awesome rules and spectacular models. Shame that I cant use this heavy support choice in the Great Crusade campaign because they are very special. The whole squad is armed with The Cacophony - obviously a noise based weapon. As standard these aren't impressive, but with the bio-psychic shock special rule they become a little bit more exotic. The target squad must take an initiative test with a negative modifier for each unsaved wound they have taken. If they fail, roll a D6 and the target squad takes that many further wounds at AP2, instant death and no cover saves...yummy! 

Phoenix Power Spears - any Emperors Children who can purchase a powerfist can instead take a Phoenix power spear for the same cost! Very worth it! 

Stay tuned for a painting guide soon for my Palatine Blades, Legion Sicaran and Primarch Fulgrim.

Stay classy

Khall Sithis

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