Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Autocannon Heavy Support Squad

Hi all. 
Just wrapped up my newest squad. A 5 man Heavy support squad with Autocannons. 

I have intentionally made all of the Legionnaires look slightly different one another, instead of a squad of clones. This I decided to do (as with my other squads which you can see on this blog) is to add individual iconography and badges. This is promoted if you read thought Betrayal and Massacre - some have white pads, some green, some have bonze trim others gold, some have Legion iconography on Chest plates others have XIV - etc etc. 

You can see how they were painted if you look for my Death Guard painting guide. 

The Micro Sol is still setting so transfers may be a bit shiny at the mo. 

I will be coming back and attacking them all with my AK streaking kit, for rust and grime runs (see AK tab on left). 

Black stripe on Sergeants' Helm. No pompous Horse hair plumes for the Death Guard (See Betrayal book). 

Ammo belts should be heated with hot air drier and tweasered into position. Biggest tip I can give for assembly. 

Ok then: On to Destroyers!!

Drake Seta

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